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Softroz offers the best Social Media Marketing in Mangalore. According to recent survey, 90% of the companies are involved in social media marketing activities. You can expand your Business or Services by investing in Social Media Marketing to keep your brand active and grow communication with customers. We are top rated for Social Media Marketing service in mangalore with 100% Satisfaction or money back guarantee

We will create profiles about your business and gain the customers by asking them to like and share your pages which will improve your profile. Compared to physical Marketing, Social Media Marketing is the right choice as you will get more returns out of your investments. Softroz is the right destination for Social Media Marketing Specialist in Mangalore. SMM is the long term asset with huge benefits.

Services We Provide Under Social Media Marketing

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer


Facebook Advertisement in Mangalore.


Twitter Advertisement in Mangalore.

Google Plus

Google + Advertisement in Mangalore.


Instagram Advertisement in Mangalore.


Linkedin Advertisement in Mangalore.


Pinterest Advertisement in Mangalore.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Admin Account Creation

  • Facebook - Twitter
  • Google+ - Instagram
  • Pinterest - Linkedin

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds.
  • Google Connect
  • Facebook Page Badge

Community Building

  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Google+ Page Creation
  • Linkedin Page Creation
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